Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mt. Pakenham

On Tuesday, February 27, 15 of us headed to Mt. Pakenham for their Algonquin College activity day. The weather was truly perfect, 2C with not a cloud in the sky.

The skiing and snowboarding was excellent and everyone managed to earn a star (although Melissa believed she deserved more than 4). We all hit the slopes (some harder than others) for some delightful turns and to find the clues to the Algonquin College scavenger hunt. Algonquin College provided the lunch and the information about some very enticing career opportunities through their Outdoor Adventure and Naturalist programs.

The afternoon was spent making turns, enjoying the sun and catching some air. To complete the day, CW cleaned up the draw prizes with Sens tickets, rafting trips, goodie bags and baseball caps. All in all, a great day in the CW Outdoor Ed class.

Sven Brouwer

There was just one sour taste left in my mouth once we returned to reality; where were the other 18 students that were suppossed to be on this trip? No, really?


Tostitoes said...

yah, where the hell were u all? w/e u guys missed out madz

Shea said...

Pankenham was a awesome trip, i hadn't skiied in years. All you fools who didn't go missed out big time.

garneato said...

Im sad to say i missed this aswome trip only becouse i didnt know what day it was on. mmmm maby i should listen in class a litlle more. Well i was at school all do doing nothing fun. Maby next time