Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rock Climbing at Coyote's

We just finished our 2nd day of rock climbing at the Coyote Rock Gym and it was great to see everyone climbing. Two weeks ago we went for the 1st time and students were introduced to all the aspects of indoor climbing, including knots and the grigri. After a quick test to ensure everyone knew all the safety aspects of climbing, the students got to explore the various climbing routes. With the exception of a few who had climbed before, most realized pretty quickly that climbing takes a lot energy and strength.

Our 2nd day of climbing was even better than the 1st, as most students started to use better climbing techniques to challenge themselves on harder routes. Many of the routes that were not accomplished the 1st time around were now conquered, along with a few extras.


BuckShot said...

Rock Climbing was a very nice change of pace from XCountry Skiing as it involved completely different techniques, muscle groups and even a different mental approach.

Going into the day I wasn't sure what to expect as I had never climbed before however, I was pleasantly surprised. I quickly realized that to be a successful climber you had to be physically fit in all aspects of your body as well as have the correct mental approach including planning your route up the wall. I also enjoyed the group dynamic to it as you were paired with one partner for the day and you were each responsible for one another as they would climb.

Rock Climbing was for sure a wonderful experience and gave me a whole new respect for how demanding an activity it actually is.

CaraRachelle said...

Rock Climbing was an interesting experience for me. The last time I went rock climbing was at the Coyote gym back in grade 9. This was before I developed a large fear of heights. The first day I was really nervous because of my fear. I was really slow to start off on my first wall, taking it step by step I felt a little more comfortable with being so far away from the ground. I only climbed one other wall on that day and that was it.

The second time around I was not all that eager to go up a wall, so I mostly just held Alex or Sakiko as they climbed up different walls. Alex and Sakiko then came across one wall where they both had difficulties at one point. I then became determined to at least climb half way up of this wall which I successfully ended up doing.

After my few climbs, I realized that the physical demands I thought was needed for rock climbing was not just upper strength, but the majority of the body too.

sparkling salamander said...

The last time I went rock climbing was probably when I was in grade 6, and I think I barely made it up the green practice wall. So I was pretty excited to go this time and try harder walls that were more challenging.
The first day Taylor and I went at our own pace, trying out different walls and figuring out which ones were way to hard for us. We helped each other trough the harder ones by telling each other which rock to put our foot on next and where to grab onto. After being stuck on a tricky wall for a while and not knowing were to go next, I realized that it is extremely tiring on the arms! I was pretty proud of myself when I made it up the wall that you weren’t attached to a harness, because I didn’t think that I would be able to do it.
Rock Climbing was a really fun time and it made me realize that it is a lot harder than it looks!

kiko said...

Rock Climbing was a new challenge for me. After I knew we would go rock climbing, I looked forward to doing that, but at the same time, I was worried about my ability.

The first day, when I saw the walls at the gym, I was scary rather then excited. I could not image myself climbing. But I did it! Step by step, slowly carefully… I was so excited when I reached the top. The view from the top was different from one from ground, and it was cool. I did a couple walls after that, but I could not do a lot because I found my strength and grip were too tired to hold rocks.

The second day, I climbed more than last time. I was happy to climb some walls that I could not have climbed last time. Alex and Cara told me which rock to put hand or foot when I was in trouble to move, which it helped me a lot: sometime I thought if only I had longer hand and foot.

I realized that I need all body strength for rock climbing. It is interesting to carry myself up using my whole body. I’d like to try again if I have an opportunity to climb someday.

AllieDee. said...

I’ve always loved rock climbing at Coyote Gym and have been going there on occasion for many years. I love that there is always a new challenge and it never gets old, since I know I will never be able to climb upside down.

On our first day I was mostly trying to get back into the techniques of climbing and started by sticking to easier walls. I was concerned often with the tying of my knot but mostly because I needed to trust my partner, which eventually came easily. I had forgotten how much strength and willpower is needed to finish each wall, and even found myself giving up almost at the very top of a challenging wall.

On the second day however, I was much more determined and refused to let Jessika belay me down. After much struggle I knew I could push myself to the top of a wall no one had done yet and I was successful! Even though there were many breaks. I found that the second day was much more fun since I had found the level I was at and knew which walls would be a challenge for me.

I really enjoyed rock-climbing and would love to go back soon! It is a truly demanding sport on both upper and lower body. My favourite part of the gym is climbing the walls with no rope to the platform above, when you can really test your abilities. I think it was a great experience for everyone.

AlexW said...

I was excited to learn that we were going to be going rock climbing. I had only previously climbed twice and I was a little worried about what I would remember and if I would find it difficult. Initially I was scared to climb up with just one rope keeping me from falling, I quickly realized it was a lot stronger than I thought but it was still hard to put all my faith in it at the top of the wall.

The first day my arms quickly tired and I was not able to climb as much as I would have liked. The second day was much better. My arms lasted longer and I was able to get up a couple walls that I had unsuccessfully attempted the previous day. I also realized that it is more than just about strength, you have to be able to plan your way up the wall so that you always have another foot or hand hold in reach.

Rock climbing is very rewarding when you make it to the top of a new wall or when you make it up one you haven't been able to before. It would be interesting to do some outdoor climbing as well and see the differences between the two.

Taylor said...

The last time I had gone rock climbing was in grade nine with my gym class. I had forgotten how tiring rock climbing really was since then.

I started on the easy wall on the first day, and managed easily to get up and down. But after moving on to more difficult walls, I realized how hard some of the walls really were, and I noticed how quickly my arms grew tired.

The day after the first day of rock climbing, I found muscles that I hadn't realized that could be sore, were very sore.

The second day of rock climbing I tried some of the walls that I hadn't before, and went back to some that I didn't make up on the previous trip. Once again, my arms grew tired quickly, faster than my legs did. On some of the more challenging walls I had to stop simply because I couldn't reach the next rock because my limbs were not long enough.

Though I was sore after both trips to the gym, and left some walls unconquered, I enjoyed the experience overall, and I hope to go back again some day.

little bear said...

Rock climbing was awesome! Even though i really enjoyed cross country skiing, rock climbing was equally as great!

Rock climbing really challenged me physically and mentally. There were some walls that I could not scale the first time, but the second time I went I was able to due to more careful planning before I started my climb.

Rock climbing was not only physical but mental and it was not only work but it was fun. I hope to return to coyote to continue this enjoyable sport.

Yoboyjc said...

I've only been rock climbing once before this and that was 5 years ago. It was a lot easier now then it was back then. I could reach the top of the easier walls and some of the challenging ones.

I was partenered with braden LEcouvie he was really swell at rock climbing and I learnt a lot from his techniques. Balaying was difficult at first but the manager took some time to teach me the ropes.

At the end of the day I had fun and learnt a lot about rock climbing.

CODEMAN said...

Rock climbing was a very good time! I had much more fun at Coyote than XC skiing because of the amount of challenge and amusement I had with my friends. After the quick tutorial Ryan and I quickly became champs at scaling the large rock walls. I also really enjoyed the climbing without ropes as that was a bigger challenge and more rewarding once you conquered the wall. I hadn't been climbing in a very long time and I forgot how much fun it was. It was a great workout for my muscles and my mind as I had to think about how to approach each climb. It was a blast and I look forward to returning to more rock climbing gyms in the future.

birchy14 said...

Ive only been Rocking Climbing once before and that was on a much smaller wall and wasnt very chalengeing. The walls at Coyote were much more chalenging and fun to climb.
There were lots of different walls to climb with different skill level. Some walls that you could climb without ropes were not that fun since they were only about 15 feet high, I climbed them very quickly.
Overall it was a great time. You deffentily have to be in good shape because its very phiscaly challengeing. I will deffentily return to a Rock Climbing gym sometime in the future.

Comfortablynumb said...

Rock climbing was very fun. I had not gone since i was 10 years old, so it was a lot easier now. I was partnered with Joseph Conlan. He was much less experienced than me, but he tried hard.
In the beginning I was nervous because I had not done it in a while. But i quickly gained confidence to take risks while climbing, knowing I would not fall if I had tied the rope correctly.
This time it seemed like a lot more work than before. It appeared to be much easier when i was younger.
I had a great time as i climbed many walls.