Sunday, June 19, 2011

White water trip at Palmer Rapids:

There were a very small number of us on this trip, 4. We left Cairine around 9:30am on Friday to avoid traffic, which once we were out of the east end construction we did. The plan was to get there around lunch time and go paddling, but plans don't always work out accordingly. We had to take some slightly unexpected detours, though eventually getting there after an eventful drive. We set up camp and got out on the water to practice strokes and prepare for the rapids we would be attacking the next day. Had a great stir fry noodle thing for supper, and played crib for the remainder of the beautiful evening.

Day two, I had a great sleep but had woken with a knot in my stomach, excited, but quite nervous about getting out on the water. It was a little rainy in the morning, but when your out on the water you couldn't even notice it. Once we got going, it was a great day and the sun even started to shine. With 150+ scouts there, it was surprisingly not very busy and still quite quiet. Steph and I quickly became entertainment for all the more experienced paddlers around us, having flipped 4 times that day, but as the day went on, we got more and more comfortable in the water. The last run of the day, we got lucky enough to flip at the very top of the rapids, and enjoy the long swim down to the bottom. The night was beautiful and spoons was the entertainment. The long day and the sound of rushing water made it very easy to fall asleep at night.

Out on the water the next morning was quite brutal, and our first run was ugly. Sore and a little nervous from the day before we were a little apprehensive but quickly snapped out of it. We attacked the large rapid that I couldn't even think about touching on the first day. We all managed to make it down on our first fun without tipping, in fact, for us, our first run was our best run, and somehow went downhill from there, tipping on our last go. It was a beautiful place and I hated to leave. Take down was fast and easy, and the drive back home was uneventful, though we did manage to turn Brouwer on to country music! I had a really great time on this trip and would do it again any day. Thanks again Mr.Brouwer!

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