Sunday, October 30, 2011

Green's Creek Orienteering Meet

Oct. 28, 2011

It was a great day for an orienteering meet, sunny and cool, just like fall should be. Our students joined 6 other schools today, with a total of 240 students spread out over 5 courses. We had students participating in all courses and almost all of our students completed the courses they were on. Some with great stories of wrong turns.

It was really nice to see the enthusiasm that
our students brought to the course. It was mentioned by many at the start and finish that they were really appreciative of the patience and many thanks that our students provided. It is always nice as a teacher of those students to get that kind of feedback, that along with the smiling faces of students completing their courses successfully is always a good way to finish off the fall tripping season.

Congratulations to all!!

The results will be posted shortly.


Josh Switzer said...

1. A. One control leg that I ran perfectly was from #1 to #2. I ran back up the hill onto the trail, the turned left on the trail. After a curve I cut through the forrest meeting with another trail. I then turned left and followed the trail looking over the edge into the valley and I saw the control. Success.

B. One control leg that I made a mistake on was from #8 to #9
1. The plan that I was going to use was to follow the trail, until I could see the control because it seemed to be close to the trail.
2. The mistake that I made was that I was at the wrong trail conjunction. And I was looking for it for about 20mins.
3. To get on track again I saw someone else that was on the same course as me. I followed them and thankfully they knew what they were doing.
4. If I could do it again I would spend a little more time looking at the map instead of trying to hurry up.

C. The most challenging leg control was #3 to #4. After finding #3 control I tryed to cut through the forrest running straight and seeing controle #4, but I got lost and had to retrace my steps and get onto a trail I was previously on. Then I followed the trail and found control #4

D. My favourite leg was from control #15 to the end. The leg was my favourite because I was proud of myself for finishing the entire course and that I thought I did it in a decent time. I did not use any strategy because I could see the finish line.

Kayaker said...

The orienteering trip at greens creek was extremely fun. I really enjoyed it, and I found it a good cardio exercise. I do however regret not choosing the right clothes to run around in. I should have worn something like under armor instead of a coat or at least something that breathes and keep me cool.
I was happy to just take my time and finished at a pace that I enjoyed. I remember in grade 9 physical education, my class and I went to greens creek for orienteering. I was horrible at orienteering at the time, now I’m a little bit better, especially since I have done a course when I was in grade 9 very similar to the one I did now.
Orienteering is very fun and it teaches you how to find the points on a map, how to use hand rails, and if you are planning on being in the military, knowing orienteering will come in handy. I hope to orienteer again someday.

By Scott Hudson

Justin Sass said...

a) A controll leg that i ran perfectly was 4-5 and ran completely on the path straight to 5. I ran straight through some obsticles lite a small riverbed, and straight to five.
b)A controll leg where i made a mistake is 8-9 where i went the wrong direction by a bit and ended up lost for around 10 min...
c)Most challenging controll leg was probably 12-13 because it got very confusing and i couldint find it
d) another controll leg that a painfull to find was 4 because it was off to the left of the map and we couldint find it.

3) The mistake i made was probably spending too much time on controll 4, as it took 20-30min just to find it...

A) The plan was to just quickly zip through the treeline and keep going
B)The mistake i made we not going further into the forest to find it because it ended up being about 100ft info the forest.
c)We ended up going over a fence and through think bush to grab the next controll within 2 minutes...
d)i would have gone the same path but gone further in the forest to grab it instead of searching the treeline...

4)I believe the distance of the course was between 17-22k and we probably walked about 5k of it and the rest jogged, total around 16-20km we jogged/walked...