Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, February 21

I hope you had a nice long weekend.

Just a note for period 1 students, tomorrow we have a presentation by Katimavik in both afternoon classes. Katimavik is an organization that provides young people with an opportunity to spend a 'GAP' year developing personal skills in outdoor recreation, environmental sustainability through volunteering in programs and activities that help numerous Canadian communities. It is my hope that you will attend one of the sessions (either p. 3 or 4), which means you should communicate with your teacher(s) this afternoon to ensure that they are ok with it.

To follow up with wintercamp, there are three things that I would like you to complete:
(For those students that didn't participate in wintercamp, see Article Assignment and Wintercamp make-up Assignment)

1. Wintercamp Self-evaluation - In the sidebar, you will see a heading Self-evaluations and a link to the Wintercamp Self-evaluation form. Complete it and submit it.

2. To complete the last two assignment, you will need a google account and an invitation to the blog.

If you have a google account already, fill out the form 'Google Account' in the sidebar.

If you don't have a google account, then you need to activate the one you have through the school and then fill out the form 'Google Account' in the sidebar.

To activate your google account, go to g-mail and log in with S########@cairinewilsonss.ocdsb.ca (###### is your student number)

The password is cwilsonss (change the password as soon as you are logged in)

Now fill out the form 'Google Account' in the sidebar.

3. Wintercamp Reflection - Go to Mr. Brouwer's Site, under your course code, find the Wintercamp folder and look up the 'Wintercamp Reflection'.

Please read the instructions carefully, as it is not a re-telling of the events. It is a reflection that asks to you to evaluate the experience and share the things that you learned in the process.

Use the steps, don't just start writing.

Finally, you have your first article due this Friday.

4. Article assignment - Go to Mr. Brouwer's Site, under your course code, find the Article Assignment folder and look up the 'Article Assignment'.

Read the instructions carefully. Also realize that there is some more resources in the Article Assignment folder, like a sample write up and how to properly source your article.

5. Wintercamp Make-up Assignment - You will write an article for a magazine, on-line magazine, newspaper or specialty website that will share the wintercamp experience with the general public. To do this, you will have interview a minimum of two people who experienced the wintercamp.

The article should look like an actual article you would find in a magazine. It needs to be well written and the ideas should be presented in an organized fashion. Articles generally look better when pictures are included.

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