Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome to Outdoor Ed in 2nd Semester

It is going to be a great semester!

My apologies for the afternoon classes, as I am with the XC Ski team at a meet this afternoon.

Now the goal of today is to familiarize you with the blogs and sites that will be your main information and resource for this course. For those of you that have taken outdoor ed with me (Mr. Brouwer) in the past, you will be familiar with most things here (help others), although there will be a few new things. This process will also uncover for you the things we will be doing this semester.

Please read all the steps carefully and follow the instructions.

It is my expectation that you will complete all the tasks at hand during the time that you are provided. This is an important concept for you to grasp, as I will be away on various trips throughout the semester and sometimes you will be asked to complete work with another teacher or in study hall. If you don't complete the work there, we will have to use 'outdoor' time to complete the work later. I try to avoid giving busy work, but instead try to use this time to cover some of the written components of the class.

Let's find out what we are doing this semester!

Step #1: Go to the side bar (on right) and find Mr. Brouwer's Page and click on it.

This will bring you to my site and you will want to click on your course code in the sidebar on the left of the page. IE. PAD2O - grade 10

This is where you will find all your assignment, forms, sometimes information from lessons and extra background information. As my goal this semester is to go as paperless as possible, this is a page you need to use often.

Now, scroll down to the start up folder and click on the PAD2O Units - Spring 2012 (or 3O or 4O) and view it or download it. (you may also want to look at 'How to be Successful in OE')

Here you can see the units and trips that we will be doing this semester.

Recognize, the Parents Info Session - next Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 6:00 pm. Please let your parents know ASAP, why don't you text them right now.

Step #2: Go back to the Outdoor Ed Blog, there is a link in the sidebar.

Now, scroll down until you see the calendar. You must use the calendar, copy it, write it on your forehead!!!!

Step #3: On the top of the main page of the Outdoor Ed Blog, click on the follow me on Twitter link.

I will tweet what has been taught in class on specific days and you're expected to utilize this in two ways; First, if you are absent from a class, you check here to make sure you don't fall behind or miss important information. Second, when getting ready for a test, here will be your review.

Step #4: Back on the main page, recognize the various information items and links in the sidebar. What's due or coming up, cooler talk of the week, reading & recipe blog (you will be posting there), weather forecasts for all areas that we will play in, autobiographies and photos.

Step #5: Complete an autobiography for yourself. Choose the appropriate course code and answer the questions, then submit.

This gives me a little more background on you to help me prepare the course and plan the trips.

Step #6: The first trip we do is wintercamp (PAD2O/3O) and Gatineau overnight (PAD4O), go to Mr. Brouwer's Site and find the equipment list that you will need for these trips. Read it!

Step #7: From the same spot, download 'Clothing for the Outdoors' in Start Up folder.

Use the Trip Tips manual to answer the questions and when finished, print them or save them for your notes.

Step #8: PAD2O/3O - On the Outdoor Ed blog main page, find the Wintercamp post from last semester and click on the comment link at the bottom right of the post.

Read a number of people's reflection and make notes on the top 3 things people did well and the top 3 mistakes that were made.

PAD4O - Click on the Gatineau Winter Map and figure out the route we will take on our winter overnight.

We will carry snowshoes and our skis with us and on day 1 will travel from Lusk Falls to Lac Phillipe Cabin, then on day 2 we will XC Ski to P16 parking lot.

I would like you to think about a route and determine the distance that will need to be covered.

You may have to use the Gatineau Summer Map to help you locate the Lusk Falls. The Falls are located at the South West end of the park.

Step #9: Congratulations, you understand the importance of working hard and getting down to business. Use the remainder of the time to browse through some of the resources provided below the calendar on the main page of the Outdoor Ed blog.

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