Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome back!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the amazing weather we have had this summer and spent most of it outdoors. The semester promises to be a great one, with awesome trips and activities. I can't wait to get started.

The parents information evening
Monday, September 10 @ 6:00 PM
Outdoor Ed Room 

Head to the calendar to see the rest of the plans for this semester.

Your homework for day 1 (YES, you do get homework in OE):

1. Get familiar with the blogs and sites of this course.
             Find and read "To Be Successful in OE" & "PAD2O or 3O or 4O Units Fall 2012".
                   (Located on Mr. Brouwer's Site, go to your class code, under "Start Up" folder.
2. Complete the E-mail and Autobiography forms (in right menu bar).
3. Share this blog with your parents and the meeting on Sept. 10.
4. Ensure there are no conflicts with the trips for your course, then put them in your calendar and book the time with work or other commitments (IE. sport teams).

How to be successful in Outdoor Ed:

If you come everyday, with a positive attitude, with the proper clothing, you strive to reach your full potential, challenge yourself, complete your work with care, and have fun.

You will do very well in Outdoor Ed at C.W.

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