Thursday, March 12, 2015

Outdoor Ed Gatineau XC Ski Days

This week we completed the last of the XC Ski Trips to Gatineau Park. We were very lucky with the weather this semester and had 3 great trips.

The grade 11's started it off a few weeks ago and although their trips was a bit cold, the sun was magnificent and conditions were great. The grade 10's this week had the first real warm days of this winter, with 8 C on Tuesday, while it got up to 6 C on Wednesday. It was sunny and warm, which was fantastic for our spirits, but the skiing was a bit slow.

For all 3 trips, we started our route at Camp Fortune and made our way to the main ski trails in Gatineau Park. From trail #4, we took trail #14 to Ridge Road (#1) and followed that up Khyber Pass to Huron Cabin, where we stopped for lunch. This was followed by a visit to Champlain lookout, which is truly spectacular on the clear days that we had. The afternoon saw us descent down the Fortune Parkway to P. 10 and our finish. Always a good way to end a great day in one of the greatest spots in the National Capital Region.

Make sure to check out the pictures of our trips.

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